5 Surprising Uses for Honey

5 Surprising Uses for Honey

Did you know that Canada produces 75 million pounds of honey annually? While you may know and love honey as a versatile sweetener for your favourite recipes, pure honey has just as many uses outside of the kitchen as inside. Below are 5 surprising uses for pure honey.

1. Treat burns & wounds

Honey is a fantastic way to naturally treat burns and wounds. Pure honey is antibacterial and antifungal, and has been shown to improve healing of burns and wounds. Apply a thin layer of honey to scrapes and burns to help with tissue regeneration and speed up wound healing.

Image of runner on track. Honey provides a natural energy boost.

2. Boost your energy

Honey is lower than sugar on the glycemic index and easily absorbed by the body, providing a great energy boost. Pure honey has also been shown to help with recovery time in athletes. Add some honey to a beverage before heading to the gym for a natural energy boost.

3. Digestive health

Honey is a natural prebiotic which promotes the good bacteria found in the intestines and promotes overall gut health. Honey has also shown to be effective in soothing gastrointestinal issues. Next time you have an upset stomach, try having a spoonful of pure honey!

Woman with hair wrapped in towel looks in a mirror and touches her face. Honey can be used as a moisturizing facial treatment.

4. Get glowing skin

Packed with antioxidants and beneficial enzymes, pure honey cleanses and provides deep moisturization. Pure honey can also be effective in clearing or treating problem skin such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. Mix one tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of water for a luxurious facial or use to treat dryness in areas like knees and elbows.

5. Sore throat and oral health

Soothe sore throats and coughs with pure honey! Honey has been shown to help suppress coughing. Pure honey has also been shown to help with oral health and can aid in healing oral infections or canker sores. Mix a spoonful of honey with warm water and a squeeze of lemon to combat coughing and other oral health issues.

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