How to Find the Best Honey in the World

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  • Ice Honey is an award-winning honey created by Dr. Ron Lin
  • Pay attention to product labels on honey bottles for quality honey – read more
  • Honey grades lets consumers know what they are buying, know what to look out for – read more
  • Pasteurized honey isn’t the healthiest honey you can buy – read more

Award Winning: Best Honey – Ice Honey

Pure Canadian Honey made by experts now available at Coquitlam Centre.

Ice Honey with award medal

We harvest our 2019 award winning pure honey, Ice Honey, from the pristine Albertan fields downstream of the Rocky Mountains. Flowers have a huge impact on the honey’s taste, aroma, texture, colour, and more. These glacier-fed blossoms are free from any pollutants and artificial elements. Their unique flower variety produces a smooth & delicious white honey. We only harvest fully ripened honey to ensure it contains the richest flavour and beneficial enzymes for good health because our honey is more than just a sweetener. 

Our in-house expert, Dr. Ron Lin - PhD in bee science, uses scientifically grounded approaches to produce premium quality honey. His superior knowledge of bee biology produces strong healthy hives, which avoids any use of antibiotics resulting in healthier honey. Maintaining a level of honey purity is no easy task, our honey processing methodology is extremely precise and meticulous. We use minimal heat to safeguard many trace elements naturally found in pure honey, which ensures our Ice Honey retains all its natural health benefits and is the best honey you will find anywhere - guaranteed!

What to look for on Honey Labels?

product of canada honey label example

Some of the best honey in the world is made right here in Canada. The things to look for on honey labels for good quality honey are:

  • Product of Canada
  • Canadian Honey

Honey produced and graded in Canada is heavily regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency who permit certain products that meet the requirements for labelling accuracy to best inform Canadians of good honey. Don’t be deceived by a Canadian flag or maple leaf on the label, you must find the exact phrase to ensure its quality Canadian honey because honey makers tend to blend their honey with other imported honeys.

Importance of Grading Honey

canadian no.1 honey example


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) sets out strict guidelines for honey produced and sold in Canada. There are 3 grade names for honey that is produced in Canada:

  • Canada No. 1
  • Canada No. 2
  • Canada No. 3

Honey that is imported or blend of imported have the following grade:

  • No. 1
  • No. 2
  • No. 3

Basically, the difference is one has “Canada” before the number grade (No.1) and the other just has the grade without “Canada”. Support local and buy “Canada No. 1” honey for freshness and good quality honey.

Some important requirements set out by CFIA for honey grading are:

  • Low moisture content (For more of that sweet delicious flavour.)
  • Purity and lack of debris (Pure and clean, yes please.)
  • No overheating (Don’t destroy the good stuff!)

Common blended honey grading errors to watch out

If you’re looking for pure Canadian honey, definitely watch out for “blended honey” because companies make the mistake of writing “Canada No. 1” even though they blend their Canadian honey with imported honey! When you’re shopping for “pure honey” avoid honey that is labeled “Flavoured Honey”. Blueberry flavoured honey is VERY different from blueberry blossom honey. Blueberry flavoured honey will taste like actual blueberries whereas blueberry blossom comes from the nectar of blueberry plants.

Why pasteurized honey isn’t that great.

avoid honey pasteurized

Don’t buy pasteurized honey, it’s basically buying raw sugar without the health benefits that honey has to offer. Pasteurizing food is a great way to kill bacteria but honey is already inherently anti-bacterial. In fact, having “no preservatives” on honey labels doesn't exist because honey is great at killing bacteria that it effectively serves as a preservative! Pasteurizing honey will damage all heat-sensitive trace elements like vitamins and enzymes that are good for your health. In exchange, the only benefit for pasteurizing honey is the delayed effects of honey crystallization that naturally occurs with honey.

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Do you live in Coquitlam or the Tri-Cities? If you do then you’re in luck! We have a new kiosk opening right next to T&T in Coquitlam Centre on February 17th. Come try our award winning Ice Honey and plethora of other honey bee products. Show our staff this article and get a free 50g sampler of your choice when you spend $15 or more. If you spend $100 or more, you could get discounts up to 25% off! See details below. Our Pitt Meadows farm is also only a short 15-20 minute drive from Coquitlam. We provide guided tours to the public and host our annual Bees & Blueberries Festival to celebrate environmentalism (#SaveTheBees!).

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