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Wildflower Blossoms Honey

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Harvested from the nectar of a diverse variety of flowers and plants, our Wildflower Blossoms Honey has a wonderful floral aroma and rich taste.
Wildflower honey is naturally darker and can vary in flavour depending on the array of blossoms the nectar is foraged from. Try to see if you can pick up on any distinct floral notes! Dr. Bee Wildflower Blossoms Honey is ideal for sweetening beverages, healthy baking, or as a glaze for your favourite roasted vegetables.

Actual packaging may vary.

100% Pure Canadian Honey

Store in a dry place.

Honey is a natural preservative and will keep for many years if stored properly. However, your honey may begin to crystallize. Crystallization is natural and crystallized honey is safe to consume. To prevent crystallization, store pure honey in a warm cupboard or pantry.

Do not feed honey to children under 18 months.