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Cocoa in Honey

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Can you think of a sweeter combination than chocolate and honey? Our pure honey is carefully combined with organic cocoa for a smooth, spreadable, chocolatey honey.
Pure, unpasteurized honey has a variety of health benefits and cocoa is a natural mood elevator, making this chocolate honey a guilt-free and energy boosting treat.
Dr. Bee Cocoa in Honey is a healthy, low fat alternative to traditional chocolate or hazelnut spreads. Enjoy this decadent chocolate honey drizzled over pancakes, in smoothies and lattes, or as a dip for fresh fruit.

100% Pure Canadian Honey, Organic Cocoa Powder

Store in a dry place.

Honey is a natural preservative and will keep for many years if stored properly. However, your honey may begin to crystallize. Crystallization is natural and crystallized honey is safe to consume. To prevent crystallization, store honey in a warm cupboard or pantry.

Do not feed honey to children under 18 months.