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Ginger in Honey

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Delight in all the natural benefits of ginger and pure honey. Dr. Bee Ginger in Honey is made by combining 100% pure, unpasteurized honey with high quality ginger root for a sweet spread with a kick of flavour.
The health benefits of pure honey are heightened with the added benefit of ginger. Ginger honey is rich in antioxidants and can help boost your immune system.
Add lemon and hot water for a soothing honey ginger tea or use in a glaze for salmon and chicken.

100% Pure Canadian Honey, Organic Ginger

Store in a dry place.

Honey is a natural preservative and will keep for many years if stored properly. However, your honey may begin to crystallize. Crystallization is natural and crystallized honey is safe to consume. To prevent crystallization, store honey in a warm cupboard or pantry.

Do not feed honey to children under 18 months.