What do we do?

We’re a producer and purveyor of honey bee products based in Western Canada. We make Pure Honey, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, and a variety of other natural products. The owner and founder, Dr. Ron Lin (PhD in Bee Science), leads our team with scientific expertise and experience to make pure and high quality products. We are educators that have been serving BC with guided tours, beekeeping courses, workshops, and more. Learn more about our education practices.

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Mission Statement

To share the potential of honey bees by producing high-quality honey bee products and educating the public.

Values & Goals

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Healthy Living

We pride ourselves in promoting healthier and happier lifestyles. Our all-natural honey bee products have countless health benefits to cure and supplement the body. We are committed to discovering how bees can help bring us happiness and health.

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We are committed to research and development in order to bring the highest quality honey bee products to everyone. Throughout the years, Dr. Bee has always maintained producing high quality products that far exceed the industry average.

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Our passion for teaching has led to the development of various educational programs for the public. This includes guided bee farm tours with specialized grade-specific content and beekeeping courses from the hobbyist to commercial level.

Why Us?

Scientific Expertise

At Dr. Bee, we are both humble farmers and meticulous scientists. Dr. Ron Lin and his team apply a scientifically grounded approach to beekeeping and production. Our expertise allows us to select strong and healthy honey bees which we closely monitor to ensure they are up to our standards. This removes the need for overusing chemicals and medication on our bees to ensure you receive a clean and pure product. We handle everything with care as we understand the delicate nature of natural products due to their bio-active components.


Dr. Bee opened in Pitt Meadows, BC on November 9, 1996 starting with only a couple hundred bee hives. Since then, this number has grown to thousands and we have become a well-established beekeeping operation in Western Canada. Dr. Ron Lin brings a wealth of international beekeeping experience from both Western & Eastern Canada, Asia, and the United States. This includes beekeeping practices, honey bee product handling, and scientific research. Over 30 years of beekeeping experience and over 20 years in operation, you can trust Dr. Bee as industry experts.

Trusted & Recognized

Dr. Bee follows all the standards set forth by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to ensure all products are safe and pure. In 2008, Dr. Bee gained national recognition when Agriculture Canada invited Dr. Bee to participate in a virtual trade mission highlighting the best agricultural products in Canada. Dr. Bee’s flagship product, Ice Honey has also been internationally recognized as one of the best honeys in the world after winning a world beekeeping award at the International Apicultural Congress in 2019, Apimondia.

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Through years of dedication, Dr. Bee has also received multiple business awards recognizing our contributions to agritourism and our commitment to environmentalism. These prizes include the Maple Ridge Agricultural Award, Pitt Meadows Green Star Award, and Pitt Meadows Tourism Business of the Year.

Who is Dr. Bee?

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Since he was young, Ron has had a passion for bees. His first encounter was when he was just 5 years old, a honey bee landed on his shoulder and instead of feeling afraid of being stung, he was overcome with curiosity and wonder. This led him to pursue a path in academia to learn everything he could about these marvelous little creatures.

He began his academic journey as a part of the very first cohort of students studying bee science & beekeeping in all of China. He completed this program and got his bachelor’s degree from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. From there, he immigrated to Canada with his wife, Joanna, to study for his masters at University of Guelph. Finally, Ron completed his PhD in Bee Science at Simon Fraser University. He also did research on honey bees as a postdoc at Michigan State University.

Dr. Lin truly experienced the potential of honey bee products when his mother-in-law fell ill with late stage breast cancer and had to go through an emergency operation. Ron decided to produce royal jelly as a recovery treatment following the surgery. After taking royal jelly for a period of time, his mother-in-law saw great improvement in her health and completely recovered.  After his friends heard about this story, many of them also wanted to try royal jelly. The feedback was incredibly positive and many people encouraged Ron to share this natural treasure with the world.

After that, Ron and Joanna established Dr. Bee in 1996 and since then they have been warmly received by local and international communities alike. Dr. Ron Lin has been interviewed in newspapers, radio, and television on numerous occasions when people wanted to learn more about honey bees and the natural treasures they produce. To this day, Dr. Ron Lin works tirelessly to innovate and produce premium honey bee products to promote health and happiness in everyone’s lives.

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Community outreach

  • Donating a portion of sales every year during thanksgiving weekend to food banks
  • Distributing poppies and collecting donations for veterans in November
  • Providing educational in-class presentations to schools and community centres

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Green Initiatives

  • Hosting an annual non-profit event, Bees & Blueberries Festival, to promote environmentalism
  • Donating any profit made from the Bees & Blueberries Festival to local green non-profit organizations
  • A commitment to transition all packaging to recyclable material by 2025
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