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Cinnamon in Honey

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Delicious pure honey with the warmth of cinnamon! Our Cinnamon in Honey features a perfect combination of cinnamon and pure, unpasteurized honey and its flavour is a healthy, spreadable addition to your toast or oatmeal.
Cinnamon honey has long been celebrated for its health benefits. Cinnamon and honey are both packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and can help boost immune function.
Sweeten your chai tea or add to coffee to make a spiced latte. Cinnamon honey glazed vegetables are a delectable side dish for any holiday.

100% Pure Canadian Honey, Organic Cinnamon Powder

Store in a dry place.

Honey is a natural preservative and will keep for many years if stored properly. However, your honey may begin to crystallize. Crystallization is natural and crystallized honey is safe to consume. To prevent crystallization, store honey in a warm cupboard or pantry.

Do not feed honey to children under 18 months.