Dr. Bee is Kosher Check Certified!

Dr. Bee is Kosher Check Certified Honey Dipper

Dr. Bee is proud to be certified by Kosher Check!

It is our belief that honey bee products can bridge the gap between nature and a modern, healthy lifestyle. It is our mission to educate people on the various health benefits of honey bee products. With this Kosher Check certification, we are pleased to make honey bee products accessible to even more people. 

Dr. Bee Kosher Check Graphic

Kosher Check is a non-profit, globally recognized kosher certification agency. For over 30 years, Kosher Check has been a trusted source of information, with an extensive directory of kosher certified products and consumers.

For more information on Kosher Check, visit their website. You can also view their product guide here.

Have a question about Dr. Bee products? Send us an email at info@drbee.ca Whether you are looking for delicious, pure honey or a product for your health, we’re happy to help you find the honey bee product that is right for you.

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