U-Pick BC: Organic Certified Blueberries, Pitt Meadows

U-Pick BC: Organic Certified Blueberries, Pitt Meadows
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Come u-pick our organic certified blueberries in Pitt Meadows BC! Enjoy picking blueberries, relax under our gazebo, and check out our little honey bee store. You might even see a few bees up close! 

During this time when staying healthy is so important, adding pesticide/herbicide residues into what you eat is not ideal.

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General Admission (6 and up): $5
Organic U-pick Rate: $3.50/lb
Hours: 10am - 5pm / book appointment by phone 

Loyalty Members: Free Entry
Bee Royalty Members: First pound for FREE

Address: 17617 Ford Detour Road / Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada


Should I bring my own container?
Feel free to bring your own container or we can provide them:

Plastic Containers: 10.5oz - 4lb


Boxes: 5lb - 10lb 



Do you sell packaged organic blueberries?
Yes, we do! Check out our prices:

 10.5oz (1 pint) $4.50
1lb $6.50
2lb $13
4lb $26
5lb $32.50
10lb $65

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