The Discovery the Purest, Rawest Honey: The Story of Ice Honey

The Discovery the Purest, Rawest Honey: The Story of Ice Honey

Many people ask us, "What is Ice Honey?" To share the full story, we need to return to its origins.

Alberta: The Heart of Honey Country

To expand Dr. Bee’s horizons, Dr. Ron Lin sought a new location outside the Lower Mainland to collect honey bee products. Alberta, the largest honey producer in Canada and neighboring British Columbia, was a natural choice.

In 2003, Ron visited the Peace River region of Alberta, renowned as "honey country." What began as a simple visit turned into an unexpected discovery. While visiting a local beekeeper, Ron noticed a picture of his first university professor, the head of the bee science program at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. His professor had visited the same region in 1982, declaring it one of the best places to collect honey due to its unique flower variety, pristine environment, and long blooming days.


From Field Trip to Farm: The Birth of Ice Honey

What started as a visit quickly turned into a quest for a suitable farm. By the next year, Dr. Bee had established a new farm in Northern Alberta, the birthplace of Dr. Bee Ice Honey.

As Ron began harvesting honey, he discovered its unique qualities: complex flavour, delicate aroma, and rich colour. To preserve these premium traits, he developed a "cold processing" method. Similar to creaming but using extremely low temperatures, this process, although less efficient, maximized taste, aroma, colour, and health benefits, resulting in the Dr. Bee Ice Honey that honey lovers enjoy today.

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