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Sweet Ginger Goodness.  This superfood combination has been used for centuries for its immune-boosting effects. 100%...
A Powerful Superfood Duo. The striking aroma of this buttery honey comes from our pure honey...
An Antioxidant-Rich and Guilt-Free Delight. Cocoa in Honey boasts a rich, earthy flavour that only real,...

Guilt-free Goodness that Nourishes too!

Explore the potent synergy of honey and superfoods.


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Great products, would recommend so many things! Love the propolis salve for any dry/eczema spots on the skin and the propolis throat spray is great for sore throats. Best dried blueberries (tasty snack) I’ve had, as well!


I've tried the Dr Bee Propolis Blueberry Throat Spray for canker sores and it's great! A life saver at relieving the pain! Not sure if that's for the intended use but it works for me!


I have been taking Bee Strong Plus since I fell seriously ill early this year. It has improved my sleep quality, immune system and most important of all, it helps my digestive system in good shape.Thanks so very much, Dr. Bee.


Best gosh darn honey I've ever had