Benefits by Ingredient

Experience the natural power of bee pollen, created as foraging bees collect pollen from plants and flowers and mix it with nectar. Dr. Bee’s Raw Bee Pollen is harvested at hive temperature, ensuring that its beneficial nutrients - including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and protein - remain intact.

Boost Liver Function

Bee pollen may enhance detoxifying abilities and can safeguard the liver against damage from several toxic substances.

Seasonal Allergy Relief

Bee pollen can help in the treatment of seasonal allergies like hay fever.

Improve Digestion

Bee pollen benefits are a potent source of enzymes, which are helpful in breaking down our food into usable nutrition and energy.

Heart Protection

Bee pollen may help lower cholesterol levels. Its unsaturated fatty acid composition also lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke by enhancing blood flow and preventing harmful blood clots.